TARGET Headhunting in India

TARGET Headhunting India Pvt. Ltd.

TARGET Headhunting India is a subsidiary of TARGET Headhunting A/S, a Danish recruitment company. Mainly assisting subsidiaries of Scandinavian and European companies in finding ex. pats or local Indian management and specialists.

We operate in Danish and English and offload management in India and Denmark.

TARGET Headhunting India is located in Bangalore, established in 2009.

Our regional partner is a native Dane living in Bangalore

Specialized in providing culturally fit candidates to companies out side India and provides headhunting services in all aspects.

India as a market

  • Much larger growth than West
  • The West and Western products are attractiv
  • Still low penetration
  • In general India lacks the companies providing customised and specialised products, tools, macheneries

Why India

  • Huge market
  • Huge availability of skills
  • Low cost
  • India is proud of its past and ties to the West
  • Embark of experience of others


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TARGET Headhunting has companies in Denmark, India and Singapore. Phonenumbers here:

Carsten H. Gjørtsvang +45 5140 8960
Joyce Duncan +45 3053 5005
Pia Kraglund Stès +45 2170 9074
Lene Blanke +45 2556 1565
Hanne Lillelund Ovesen +45 5129 1226
Torben Christensen +45 2014 3976
Carsten Deleuran +45 4271 0130
Frank Hansen +45 2115 4760
Claus Qvitzau +45 2068 4848


Rahul Sharad Nene +91 8867-508840
Joyce Duncan +45 3053 5005

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Countries with cooperating partners:

USA (Detroit/Houston) – KINA (Beijing/Shanghai/Hongkong) – RUSLAND (Moskva/Sct. Petersborg) – SVERIGE (Stokholm/Göteborg/Malmø) – NORGE (Oslo) – FINLAND (Helsingfors/Helsinki) – TYSKLAND (Hamborg/Frankfurt) – ENGLAND (London) – BENELUX (Bruxelles/Amsterdam) – SPANIEN (Barcelona/Madrid) – SCHWEIZ (Genéve) – POLEN (Warszawa)