Interim Management

TARGET Headhuting offers assistance within management tasks – or project tasks:

Formulation of the company’s values​​, vision, mission

Strategy Development:
Formulation and implementation of the company’s overall strategies – implementing business plans

Development of communication strategy
Development and implementation of a communication platform / communication line

BTB Sales / Marketing:
Development and implementation of distribution and marketing strategies

BTC Retail:
Operation and development of franchise concepts / chain concepts
Development and design of existing and new stores
Operation and efficiency of stores
Customer Behaviour and target group analysis


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TARGET Headhunting has companies in Denmark, India and Singapore. Phonenumbers here:

Carsten H. Gjørtsvang +45 5140 8960
Heidi Feirup +45 6015 2108
Joyce Duncan +45 3053 5005
Torben Christensen +45 2014 3976
Claus Qvitzau +45 2068 4848
Lars Thomasen +45 6013 2868
Brian Rønnemoss +45 4250 3232


Carsten H. Gjørtsvang +45 5140 8960
Joyce Duncan +45 3053 5005

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Countries with cooperating partners:

USA (Detroit/Houston) – KINA (Beijing/Shanghai/Hongkong) – RUSLAND (Moskva/Sct. Petersborg) – SVERIGE (Stokholm/Göteborg/Malmø) – NORGE (Oslo) – FINLAND (Helsingfors/Helsinki) – TYSKLAND (Hamborg/Frankfurt) – ENGLAND (London) – BENELUX (Bruxelles/Amsterdam) – SPANIEN (Barcelona/Madrid) – SCHWEIZ (Genéve) – POLEN (Warszawa)