Career Development

TARGET Headhunting offers a professional and effective development program for individuals who would like to target career.

Our experience is based on knowledge and insight about what requirements the job market requires in conjunction with the person’s skills and personal profile.

In the process covered person’s wishes through interviews and personality tests. With this as a basis counseled about the actions that are necessary for the person to realize its goals and desires. It can be further competence promotion, the person acquires, or it may just be a support around the design of application and CV.

We draw up a plan with a time frame for achievement of goals and targets. TARGET Headhunting both national and international networks can be an extremely important asset in this regard.


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TARGET Headhunting has companies in Denmark, India and Singapore. Phone numbers here:

Carsten H. Gjørtsvang +45 5140 8960
Claus Qvitzau +45 2068 4848
Torben Christensen  +45 2014 3976
Per Tørslev +45 4277 0116
Susanne Brendholdt +45 2045 4577
Frederik K. Andersen +45 2289 8737


Carsten H. Gjørtsvang +45 5140 8960
Carsten H. Gjørtsvang +45 5140 8960


Carsten H. Gjørtsvang +45 5140 8960


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Countries with cooperating partners:

USA (Detroit/Houston) – China (Beijing/Shanghai/Hongkong) – RUSSIA (Moscow/Sct. Petersburg) – SWEDEN (Stockholm/Gothenburg/Malmö) – NORWAY (Oslo) – FINLAND (Helsingfors/Helsinki) – GERMANY (Hamburg/Frankfurt) – GREAT BRITAIN (London) – BENELUX (Bruxelles/Amsterdam) – SPAIN (Barcelona/Madrid) – SWITZERLAND (Geneva) – POLAND (Warsaw)