TARGET Headhunting offers the following


Aimed at senior executives CXO, managers and employees to pinpoint both personal and professional strengths as the basis for an even better degree to fill out the current position (get on the right track again) and/or wishes for future positions in the organization.

The result should be

More clarity on skills and behavioral traits. Greater self confidence and not at least a clear awareness of one’s own strengths and limitations.


Aimed at managers and employees whose common success depends on a strong and well-functioning team. Team Coaching is a powerful tool to ensure a clear common strategy and a goal that is meaningful to all the team members.

Through team coaching process defined modification needs and set up specific short-term and long-term goals, both personally and for the company.

  • What does the team wants to achieve?
  • What does it require of skills and manpower?
  • What prevents us to go for it?
  • Why do we have to do it ?
  • What happens if we do not act now?

Team Coaching is towards a clearly defined goal through techniques to achieve a clarification of the vision and mission so that everyone in the team is clarity regarding the tasks and become motivated to accomplish them.

Results should be

Better communication, increased motivation, greater commitment, greater job satisfaction, personal propulsion, greater synergy, clear visual strategy, same focus for everybody in the team


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TARGET Headhunting has companies in Denmark, India and Singapore. Phonenumbers here:

Carsten H. Gjørtsvang +45 5140 8960
Joyce Duncan +45 3053 5005
Pia Kraglund Stès +45 2170 9074
Lene Blanke +45 2556 1565
Hanne Lillelund Ovesen +45 5129 1226
Torben Christensen +45 2014 3976
Carsten Deleuran +45 4271 0130
Frank Hansen +45 2115 4760
Claus Qvitzau +45 2068 4848


Rahul Sharad Nene +91 8867-508840
Joyce Duncan +45 3053 5005

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Countries with cooperating partners:

USA (Detroit/Houston) – KINA (Beijing/Shanghai/Hongkong) – RUSLAND (Moskva/Sct. Petersborg) – SVERIGE (Stokholm/Göteborg/Malmø) – NORGE (Oslo) – FINLAND (Helsingfors/Helsinki) – TYSKLAND (Hamborg/Frankfurt) – ENGLAND (London) – BENELUX (Bruxelles/Amsterdam) – SPANIEN (Barcelona/Madrid) – SCHWEIZ (Genéve) – POLEN (Warszawa)