TARGET Headhunting acts fast and professionel.

Hiring the most qualified managers and employees requires involvement and commitment and a serious, goal-oriented effort.

TARGET HEADHUNTING is your professional partner, whenever you need qualified key staff, managers, directors and board members.

TARGET HEADHUNTING is a visionary and ambitious headhunting company with a huge network. We offer flexible and up-to-date solutions on the basis of many years of experience with international headhunting.

Your collaboration with TARGET HEADHUNTING begins with an in-depth dialogue exploring the specific needs of your company. Combining our extensive personal and professional network with internet advertising and internationally recognized test tools we create a unique goal-oriented search process.

Your collaboration with TARGET HEADHUNTING will secure the optimal conditions for a continuous development and growth of your company!




TARGET Headhunting has companies in Denmark, India and Singapore. Phone numbers here:

Carsten H. Gjørtsvang +45 5140 8960
Claus Qvitzau +45 2068 4848
Torben Christensen  +45 2014 3976
Per Tørslev +45 4277 0116
Susanne Brendholdt +45 2045 4577
Frederik K. Andersen +45 2289 8737


Carsten H. Gjørtsvang +45 5140 8960
Carsten H. Gjørtsvang +45 5140 8960


Carsten H. Gjørtsvang +45 5140 8960


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We have our headquarters in Denmark, but also perform our work from sister companies in both India and Singapore. Furthermore, we have a large network of partners. Read more about this here.

Carsten H. Gjørtsvang
Torben Christensen
Claus Qvitzau
Per Tørslev
Rahul Sharad Nene
Susanne Brendholdt
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Countries with cooperating partners:

USA (Detroit/Houston) – China (Beijing/Shanghai/Hongkong) – RUSSIA (Moscow/Sct. Petersburg) – SWEDEN (Stockholm/Gothenburg/Malmö) – NORWAY (Oslo) – FINLAND (Helsingfors/Helsinki) – GERMANY (Hamburg/Frankfurt) – GREAT BRITAIN (London) – BENELUX (Bruxelles/Amsterdam) – SPAIN (Barcelona/Madrid) – SWITZERLAND (Geneva) – POLAND (Warsaw)